Mr. Siriwat Tovachirakul

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Independent Director

The change of the company began in 2017, we saw a new business model in the Smart Security project, the company turned to focus on large-scale work to helps earnings growth leapfrog, for example, the installation of cameras inside the surveillance camera system that has a management system, processes for detecting and faces pedestrians, access control systems for people in the building. The company believes that Smart Security work is in high demand. And is likely to grow very high in the future because this is something that the country has to focus on. In every building, whether private or public, technology and equipment must be upgraded to be modern. Help drive the company's core business to grow in the long term.

From the beginning of entering into a contract with Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (“AOT”) in providing the official "AOT Mobile Application" service in August 2019 for those entering the airport Including flight schedule, parking information, airport lounges and exchange the accumulated amount of points to be used as discounts for operators participating in the airport And another contract with AOT to provide free WiFi service in 6 airports, which is a 10-year concession contract, consisting of Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket and Hat Yai.

In the near future the company will create a new high portfolio ready to penetrate the full market for both public and private sectors, especially the Smart Security business, which is a service of security solutions for enterprises and businesses

The project is a total investment of the company. Therefore, the returns received are the characteristics of income coming in every passing of passengers who come to use the service. The company plans to expand the service to be more diversified in the future if the company is able to collect at least 1 percent of passenger information in and out of 6 airports, it will increase business opportunities because consumers who come to the service in "AOT Mobile Application" see this as a Gold Database or Big Data with enormous value that can be used to expand their business. It helps to increase competitiveness in today's industry as well. The process after obtaining Big Data will lead AI to learn consumer behavior to be able to market to suit the users who come to use the service in which different procedures, the company will work with the private sector as an entrepreneur to meet the needs of the general public who come to use the service as well.